Is Your Concrete Slab Sinking?

If you notice your structure sloping to one side, cracks in your foundation or improper drainage issues after a storm, it could be a sign that your concrete floor is sinking. One of the most common areas to find slab damage is a patio. Many patios were installed by do-it-yourselfers who may have overlooked the importance of proper soil compaction. In some cases, cracks can be caused by normal shrinkage during the curing process. However, patios also can crack and settle if the subgrade soils beneath are settling. This condition can be a result of improper compaction, water leaks, poor drainage or the presence of unsuitable materials in the ground.

For interior floors, leveling and resurfacing can help to remedy uneven slab surfaces. However, such work often reveals the presence of foundation damage, so we always recommend a detailed evaluation before making any repairs.

The Benefits of Sinking Concrete Repair

Sinking slab repair can benefit your property in several ways if it is performed by qualified professionals. When compared to the cost of replacing the slab, you may end up saving a good deal of money in the long run, while preventing more problems in the future. Leveling and resurfacing also can lower the risk of injuries around your structure and provide added support under your foundation. If you have a sinking concrete slab, the problem is almost certain to get worse the longer it continues. That can lead to decreased property values along with structural damage that could be much more costly to fix.

The road to a stronger slab begins with a complete evaluation. Our highly trained personnel can evaluate every corner and identify any problem spots or potential issues that might exist. This can be critical for finding the root cause of any trouble and determining the proper course of action.






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